Good afternoon and welcome to your casting for Club 106 TV.

  1. Please ensure you receive a casting number as soon as you arrive.
  2. Complete the application form found at the bottom of the home page.
  3. You can preview the script here.
  4. You will have a mini photoshoot and proceed to reading the script on camera.
  5. When you complete your casting, you are required to give us a call on: Tuesday 28th May 2024 between 12pm and 5pm to find out if you have been successful in progressing to the next stage.

The next stage will involve a one-to-consultation to give you more information about the project. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your role within the project. You will receive both online and practical training to help you to become a Club 106 TV Presenter. When your training is complete, you will start your first Club 106 TV presentation. 

Everything we do is based on flexibility, which means we work on projects at times that are mutually agreeable.

Good luck and have a great day!

Kind regards,

Casting Team.

Club 106 TV

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