About Us.

]Club 106 Community Project started in the London Borough of Hackney as a voluntary group of young people wanting to see positive change in the neighbourhood. We created sports activities, a recording studio and an IT training suite to engage young people within the community.

Club 106 Community Project became a registered charity in January 2000 and has created a new project every year to address the growing needs of our community.

Our charitable objectives are: 

  1. to advance the education of those suffering from financial hardship or otherwise in need, in the London borough of Hackney, Greater London and various countries worldwide, with a view to promote the advancement of IT skills with internet training by providing facilities for computer training and distance learning.
  2. to provide and assist in facilities for sport, recreation, and leisure.
  3. to advance education particularly in the arts of music, drama, and dance.
  4.  for other worldwide charitable purposes at the discretion of he charity’s committee.
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