Club 106 Awards

Club 106 Awards is a Community champions project. We congratulate and reward members of our international community for their good deeds. This is an annual event, but we monitor various good deeds throughout the year. We partner with mentors and several community brands to provide a truly inspirational project.

Who Can Join?

Anyone with an interest or passion for their community is welcome. To fully enjoy this project we made it flexible and accessible online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
We work with everyone:
BEGINNERS: Grassroots/Amateur
PROFESSIONALS: Experienced/Mentors
TRENDING:  Famous/Popular

Project Outcomes

You will learn the fundamentals of community cohesion in a fun and safe atmosphere. There will be visits to community events and the opportunity to create a video diary to monitor your progress. Some of the footage may be published on our social media platforms.
You will create a community initiative, whilst creating content for a showreel. You will be able to utilise social media groups to gain confidence and self esteem.  Everyone will have access to a mentor and receive a certificate on completion. You’ll also get help to update your CV or resume with your newly acquired skills, so you can apply for new jobs.


Use the form below to join Club 106 Community Project.

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