Clapperboard is a Club 106 performing arts project. We educate and train aspiring actors with the latest skills to become successful in the fast-moving film and drama industries. 

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome. We know life can be hectic and the only way to truly enjoy this project is by being flexible and available online 24/7.  We work with the following:

BEGINNERS: grassroots or starting. 


TRENDING: Popular or famous.


Participants of our projects will visit stage shows, film sets, meet potential mentors and create video diaries to monitor their progress. Some of the footage will be accessible on our social media platforms.

Project Outcomes: understand the art of acting. act in a fun and safe atmosphere. create compelling improv sketches. learn how to read and write scripts. produce content for a showreel. utilise social media groups. gain confidence and self esteem. receive a certificate on completion. update CV with new skills. apply for new jobs.